Best Indoor Basketball

Great basketballs can be hard to come by. Often you have to do with the local stores selection and what ever deal they made with their supplier. Luckily for you...

The Move

After getting everything arranged. It was welcoming the Australian weather with open arms. It feels like the preps were next to nothing but this is far from the truth. Like with everything the preps are imported. Among others finding a great medical insurance or more suitable for me was not as easy as you expect. Many hours went into this, ultimately I made some mistakes and found a good expat health insurance which was also providing options for my future company as that’s what I’m trying to set up. After founding it everything went easy to be honest. Great service does help a lot. Australia is a nice country but very expensive, especially at first when you don’t know yet where to go.

Meeting some locals with the same interest in basketball truly helps. They are eager to learn you the ropes, and I’m eager to teach them the ropes of Basketball. Their children loved it and that’s always a good sign. Don’t get me wrong, the sport is already known there, but not yet like in the states. It’s on a different level, here we have so much dedication to the sport.

That dedication is something I’m trying to introduce.

Local Life

People here are very different from the States. I can’t really explain it but everything feels laid back and more relax, while they are still a very hard working class of people. I’m still finding my balance.

For example the waitress at the restaurants really work their butt off, excuse my French. But the moment it’s time for pleasure, it feels like all lights are off.

Working hard, serving my dinner, but then the clock is over and the people just go into vacation mode. Maybe it’s not for whole Australia of course, but certainly for this area. I’m still finding my balance and there might be a chance that this area is not fit for that. However have only been here for a short time I already start to fall in love with it and it’s more exciting to find the right fit.

I figured I should work together with the children and schools. When they are young they have different kind of energy. And they are more easily to believe you and willing to go for it.

The First Setback

The mentality is different here. That’s for sure. Whether this is immediately a bad thing or a good thing I’m not certain of it yet. There is definitely spirit within these people but just a different way of approaching it.

I’m not sure yet which buttons I have to press to get things done in the way I like it. And maybe it’s just me, who has to be more flexible about it.

The beauty of this country is, whenever I feel a bit down or experience a setback like this I can go into open. The nature here is magnificent and it’s only an hour away. Life is good.

Going Strong

I’ve spoken with some people of the industry from the States and they are interested in possible partnerships. It’s a benefit for them to introduce the sport here as they...